Repair guides for iPhone 3G

Find on this page all guides for iPhone 3G. Detailed and pictured steps, those tutorials will allow you to have a new iPhone 3G.
Nonetheless if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our technical service.
Guides and how-to for iPhone 3G repair

iPhone 3G repair

Replacing the screen of your iPhone 3G ? Fixing this charging issue ? Despite the years, it is still possible to repair your iPhone thanks to SOSav ! We have a wide range of spare parts for your iPhone 3G that you can find on our online shop !

Having a broken iPhone is never cool, but you have two solutions : calling the manufacturer after-sale service and having to pay so much money, or repairing your iPhone yourself !

Careful before repairing your iPhone : do not forget to do a back-up on iTunes so you do not lose your data if a reset is necessary !

iPhone 3G presentation

When it came out, the iPhone 3G was the logical follow-up of the 1st generation. As its name states, it is the first iPhone to offer the 3G technology to browse the web.

The design changes a little compared to the first generation. The iPhone 3G is available in black or white but only the rear case has a different color. The touch screen is black for both versions. The white version is only available in 16GO whereas the black one is available in 8 or 16GO.

About the repairs, the iPhone 3G's are rather simple. The front panel is easy to replace if you use the provided suction cup. Contrary to the iPhone first generation, the LCD and the touch screen can be replaced separately, allowing to reduce the repair cost. The only flaw of that version is the battery compartment, under the logic board. It takes about 30minutes to replace the battery only.

Identification iPhone 3G

The easiest way to identify an iPhone 3G is to look for the model number on the rear case of the iPhone. The iPhone 3G model numbers are :

  • A1241 on the iPhone 3G
  • A1324 on the iPhone 3G from China

To know about the storage capacity of your iPhone 3G, you have to look at the rear case : the capacity is written just underneath the "iPhone" logo.

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