Repair guides for iPhone 4

Find on this page all guides for iPhone 4. Detailed and pictured steps, those tutorials will allow you to have a new iPhone 4.
Nonetheless if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our technical service.
Guides and how-to for iPhone 4 repair

iPhone 4 repair

Repairing your iPhone 4 ? Very easy thanks to SOSav ! After years of being by your side, your iPhone needs a little freshen up. We're offering your the best iPhone 4 spare parts to fix all its issues.

The repair of your iPhone 4 can be done by a professional, but the classical guarantee does not include breakage. You often have to pay for it. Or, you can also repair your iPhone 4 yourself.

Thanks to our repair guides which come with pictures and comments, you'll become a screwdriver professional ! But if you don't have the time, you can still count on our Captain Repair !

Last precaution before starting the repair : back up your iPhone 4 on iTunes to avoid loosing all data in case of a reset !

iPhone 4 presentation

The iPhone 4 is the fourth version of Apple' smartphone'. Announced on June 7th 2010 by Steve Jobs, it differs from previous versions. This one is rather squared. Front and back glass surfaces, aluminium rear panel serving as an antenna.

Technical evolutions are numerous on this iPhone : a screen resolution multiplied by 4 (called Retina screen), a camera allowing videoconference (via FaceTime), a LED flash so you can take pictures at night.

On this iPhone version, some repairs are very simple, some rather complex. The specific feature on this version is that the screen and touch screen are one. The touch screen cannot be separated from the LCD screen. The front panel is assembled to avoid breaking the Retina screen and prevent the dust from staying between the two. iPhone users having broken their touch screen will have to replace the whole front panel.

On this iPhone version, some repairs are really easy even if Apple says the contrary. To replace the battery or the rear case, it will only take 5 minutes top. To see what we mean, you can check out our repair guides for iPhone.

Identification iPhone 4

The easiest way to identify an iPhone 4 is to look for the model number located on the rear case of the iPhone. The numbers of the iPhone 4 model are :

  • A1332 on GSM iPhone 4
  • A1349 on CDMA iPhone 4

If you can't find that number model, you can also find them thanks to those distinguishing features :

  • Front and back glass surface.
  • The volume buttons are round with "+" and "-" written on it.
  • The SIM card tray is located on the right side of the iPhone 4.

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