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Sustainable development

Electronic waste issue

Not so many people know that, but electronic products are made of many dangerous chemical products for our planet (lead, mercury…).

It is simply inconceivable to throw them away in order not to pollute. To recycle those electronic devices the right way, you have to separate each material type to treat them differently depending on their nature.

Sustainable development

To replace a damaged product by a new one is two times more dangerous for the environment :

  • throwing a product away contributes to the increase of waste,
  • producing a manufactured product means more toxic waste (materials, factories, transportation…).

Our planet will not always be able to bear the numerous waste and diverse rejected gas. That’s why decided to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible :

  • Product packaging and outside packaging are biodegradable or made from recycled material (cardboard, dunnage, scotch, stickers, ink with no solvent…),
  • Reduce the use of paper to only stamping stickers (recycled paper),
  • Organise the warehouse for a 0 environmental impact goal (light, low energy-consuming computer, selective sorting…),
  • Video conference meetings to limit trips.

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